At Truth Recovery Ministries, we believe that it is insane to expect an alcoholic or an addict to amend their addictive behavior without the benefit of a spiritual awakening, therefore, we take a spiritual journey and we do not do it alone. We are unique individuals struggling with addiction who support each other in finding our truths while staying clean and sober. The students in this program are provided with truth, love, care, structure and most of all understanding. Our curriculum of this recovery program is a 12-month minimum with no maximum length of stay. This program is a success and is proven to work...We are a program of action. The success of this program is demonstrated through our experiences, strengths, and hopes as we stand on two foundations....
The Truth and Jesus Christ, And Jesus Christ is the Truth. 

Our Services & Staff
At Truth Recovery Ministries, we are very active with our program of recovery. Our Staff consist of Members in Recovery. We have Resident Managers and Monitors that live on the premises while aiding our students in matters of coping with everyday life on life's terms. It is mandatory that all of our Staff attend daily in-house meetings and all outside meetings as well attend Church. There are Staff Members on duty at all times to provide assistance, answer questions, solve problems, enforce rules and regulations, maintain required documentation, and attend to issues that require our direction. Our Staff provides transportation and supervision to and from all outside meetings and employment services. 
We encourage Students to build a support group and get phone numbers of other AA, NA and Celebrate Recovery participants who are always eager to help.

The Costs Involved:

The initial charge to move into Truth Recovery Ministries is $360.00. 
This includes the first 2 week's service fee of $180.00 per week. 
After that, the Student will pay $180.00 per week. 

This to include…

1) - Recovery Program
2) - Transportation to all outside meetings and Church
3) - Transportation to and from work
4) - Transportation to LocalDoctors or Dentist Visits
5) - 3 meals a day (Saturday and Sunday Group Meals) 
6) - Housing
7) - Cable TV
8) - Random Drug Testing
                                                                           Everyone is afforded the opportunity to change their life!

Some of our Students are indigent and maybe homeless when they seek our help.They come to us from Hospitals, Treatment Centers and the Alabama Court Systems. When we accept these individuals into our recovery program, they are not required to make a payment upon arrival.  Although still responsible for the fees stated above, they are allowed a measure of time after finding employment. As they begin to receive paychecks, they are required to make additional payments until they are current on all fees and charges.

   We will take in the indigent Student and work with him until he can get more stable. 

      Before our indigent Students are admitted, we talk with their Treatment Center Counselors, Pastors, Court Officials, Probation Officers or Judges to determine their suitability for our program. We look for Students with a positive attitude that is willing to work to improve their lives. They must be willing to work and commit to a recovery program within the context of: 

1) Alcoholics Anonymous or 
2) Narcotics Anonymous and 
3) Celebrate Recovery and attend Church.
4) Survival Kit: 5 Keys to Effective Spiritual Growth helps new and growing Christians 
understand and deal with conflicts between old and new patterns of thoughts and habits.

We do have Students at Truth Recovery Ministries that are placed with us through the court system. They arrive under a condition of house arrest or strict supervision. We would like to assure area Courts, Judges and Probation Officers that these Students are closely monitored 24 hours a day, as well as communications with the agency or court on a monthly report. 

The program gives each Student one drug screen per month at no charge. Any drug test given on suspicion will be given at the Student’s expense.  Alternatively, we can perform occasional tests at a charge of $30.00 per test. 

We have employment verification forms that must be completed by all Students once they have obtained a job. Information on this form includes place of employment, phone number, supervisors name, extension and normal work hours. This information is an additional tool for tracking Student’s daily activities and a means for quickly contacting them in case of emergency. 
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I know that nothing good lives in me,that is, 
in my sinful nature. 
“For I have the desire to do what is good, 
but I cannot carry it out.” 
(Romans 7:18-3)
We believe, it is insane to expect an alcoholic or an addict to amend their addictive behavior without the benefit of a spiritual awakening, therefore, we take a life changing spiritual journey together… BROTHERS in CHRIST. 
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